198th Infantry Brigade (United States)

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198th Infantry Brigade Shoulder sleeve insignia Active 1967–1971 2007–present Country United States Branch U.S. Army Type Infantry training Role Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT) Size 5 Battalions + HHC Garrison/HQ Ft. Benning, GA Motto(s) "Brave and Bold" Engagements Vietnam War Battle of Kham Duc Commanders Current commander Colonel Kelly D. Kendrick Notable commanders Colonel Joseph G. Clemons Insignia Distinctive unit insignia The 198th Infantry Brigade, was first formed as part of the United States Army Reserve's 99th Division. It was active from 1967 through 1971 and has been active since 2007 as an Infantry Training Brigade as part of the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia. Contents 1 Operational history 1.1 Vietnam War 1.1.1 Order of battle 1.2 Post Vietnam 2 See also 3 References 4 External links Operational history[edit] Vietnam War[edit] During the years of 1967–1971 as part of the Vietnam War the 198th was part of the United States Army's 23rd "Americal" Infantry Division. In 1968, elements of the 198th Infantry Brigade, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Robert B. Nelson, participated in the Battle of Kham Duc. On 21 November 1969, Colonel Joseph G. Clemons, (of Pork Chop Hill fame), assumed command of the 198th Infantry Brigade. Order of battle[edit] Headquarters & Headquarters Company 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry 1st Battalion, 52nd Infantry 4th Battalion, 3rd Infantry (1971) 1st Battalion, 14th Artillery 9th Support Battalion 155th Engineer Company Troop H, 17th Cavalry Post Vietnam[edit] The 198th Infantry Brigade was reactivated on 15 May 2007 at Fort Benning, Georgia to serve as an Infantry Training Brigade. Headquarters & Support Company 1st Battalion, 19th Infantry 2nd Battalion, 19th Infantry 1st Battalion, 50th Infantry 2nd Battalion, 54th Infantry 2–54 IN was under the administrative control of 192d Infantry Brigade until 24 August 2011. 2nd Battalion, 58th Infantry See also[edit] Battle of Kham Duc References[edit] "The United States Army Infantry Brigade" "The Brigade: A History, Its Organization and Employment in the US Army" Summers, Harry G. Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War. New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. External links[edit] The short film ACTIVITIES OF THE 198TH INFANTRY BRIGADE, AMERICAL DIVISION (1968) is available for free download at t 미소넷


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